Your Nutritionist and Personal Trainer - Chris Melhuish

• YMCA Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
• YMCA Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor
• YMCA Level 2 Fitness Instructor
• Premier Training Kettlebell Training
• MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fitness Instructor
• Indoor Cycling
• Fitness Pilates
• Fitness Yoga
• YMCA Circuit Training
• Mojo Training Active IQ Level 2 in Adapting Fitness Instruction for Adolescents
• ASA Level 2 Award in Aquatic Fitness
• Exercise to Music
• Physique Elite Advanced Nutrition Specialist

Seminars/Workshops attended:

Rehan Jalali – Nutrition Specialist

Phil Learney – Strength and Conditioning Expert (attended advanced nutritional seminar)

Layne Norton – Bodybuilding/Fiqure/Physique Coach

Ben Coomber – Performance Nutritionist

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