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healthy habits


By implementing these simple habits you will have a sure fire way to improving not only your health but your mindset too.

Are you with me?

Get ready, lets go!!

1. 12,500 steps per day. 🚶‍♀️

Why not walk off your lunch?

Remember to take a short walk every hour if you have a desk job.

Walking after your dinner is a great way to get your metabolism going and the fresh air will wake you back up for the afternoon.

2. Meditate daily. 😴

Aim to spend 10-15 mins in a morning or early evening.

Focus on your breath, feel the rise and fall of your chest for a count of 7.

3. Reading 📖

My favourite for personal growth.

Read something new, it is excellent for broadening the mind and learning.

Consider it exercise for the brain, it is also great for getting you away from the screen.

4. Journalling. 📚

Another great way to grow and you may discover a new way of expressing your self.

Journalling also allows you to recognise and appreciate your accomplishments.

5. Sleep. 💤

Establish a good night time routine.

Don’t take electrical devices to bed, be brave and switch your phone off when you go to bed.

Buy an alarm clock if you use your phone to keep time. It will remove temptation to look at it, especially if you have woken in the night.

Now, focus on your breathing making it regular and slowing the rate down.

Can you count to 7 for each in and out breath?

As you do this, allow the thoughts from the day to drift away….

You have hopefully completed your journal and taken time to congratulate your wins for today, now its time to unwind.

If you have trouble sleeping and you wake in the night, draw your attention back on your breath and. again if your mind is on overtime, tell your self its ok to let the thoughts go until the morning when you are rested and have the energy to resolve stuff better.

6. Hydrate. 💧

Drinking water…

Whilst there is no universally agreed amount of water to drink, the benefits of drinking water far out weigh any reason for not drinking it at all.

Firstly drinking water aids weight loss. and is also essential for kidney function.

Hydrated skin is less likely to wrinkle and be clearer from spots and blemishes.

Studies confirm dehydration reduces performance in activities lasting longer than 30 minutes.

Best of all water reduces the chances of a hangover, drink a pint of water before bed, better still take a pint of water to bed with you..

7. Stretch. 🧘‍♀️

Stretching Daily is a great morning routine to awaken the body. As you wake in a morning hug your knees in bed, lowering both to each side whilst the shoulders remain on the bed.

This is good for releasing a tight piriformis, the deep muscles in the backside and good to do whilst the body is warm.

Try a simple Sun Salutaion to get the energy flowing through your body and feeling positive.

We will post a short clip on how to do this if you are struggling for ideas…

Remember, The importance of valuing and caring for the self – The body and The mind.

And you will begin to change your habits now or maybe after completing all the steps in this weeks spotlight on Healthy Habits.



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