It’s common to hear people labeling sugar as the root cause of all fat gain.⁣

However, the reality is that most hyper-palatable (aka delicious) foods contain high amounts of both sugar AND FAT!⁣

So if you’re cutting out foods like biscuits, donuts, and ice cream from your diet, then you’re not just cutting out sugar, but are also cutting your fat intake drastically! ⁣

Both sugar and fat contain calories. Sugar is 4 calories per gram, and fat is 9 calories per gram.⁣

To lose weight and get lean you need to reduce your CALORIE INTAKE, whether that reduction comes from a decrease in sugar or fat intake does not matter.⁣

In fact, many ‘sugary’ foods are in fact great choices when dieting. Take fruit for example. All the calories in fruit come from sugar. Yet fruit is very high on the satiety index (meaning it’s very filling per calorie) making it a great diet food!