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amy before and after

“Before joining Ultimate Health & Fitness I used to do loads of cardio and go on super low calorie diets…”

Upon joining UHF I was very apprehensive. I really felt that I had tried everything…how wrong was I?

I had spent years going to gym taking part in various gym classes and performing hours of cardio! Although I felt my fitness levels were better than ever I never truly changed my body shape which is what I always wanted to do!

Fast forward to now and things are very different….

I no longer perform hours of cardio nor do I starve myself on low calorie diets. I train 3-4 a week at UHF using mainly weights.

With the help of the coaches at UHF I also have a much stronger relationship with food and I have learnt to manage my nutrition in a way that allows me to keep in great shape but also gives me the flexibility to enjoy social occasions too ?

The great thing about being apart of UHF is that you are surrounded by so many likeminded people all striving to become a better version of themselves. It’s not just a gym, it’s a community! The support, the education, the resources, the motivation, the coaches, the members really help create what is a very motivating and results driven environment!:-)
Amy ?

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