success story

andrew before and after

Andrew felt lethargic, unfit, overweight and tired before joining UHF, and viewed exercise as a chore.

Andrew’s Story ….

“I looked bloated and like I was carrying too much bodyfat. Reaching my heaviest weight, I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and I needed to improve for Diabetes (T1).

UHF is an easy to attend gym – everybody else around you is motivated and there are structures to follow. The environment is friendly and welcoming to new members!

Exercise is now an important part of my life. Get it right and the benefits are huge. Its also very enjoyable when you find the right environment to train – the group sessions really help compared to training alone in a ‘normal” gym.

I feel so much better!
Bodyfat has visibly reduced, muscle definition starting to show. I’m much fitter when playing football, cardio, etc, and motivated to continue and see even more results in 2019!

I’ve managed to get rid of horrible shin splints and  my T1 Diabetes control has improved and insulin requirements have dropped since joining Ultimate Health and Fitness!”

Small Group Personal Training

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