Cardio v Lifting Weights

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If cardio burns more calories than lifting weights, surely that makes it better for losing weight? Not really, prioritising cardio over weight training is a recipe for muscle loss.

‘But I don’t care about muscle, I just want to lose my belly’

Here’s where most people go wrong. They hear that cardio burns more calories. But they fail to make the distinction between weight loss and fat loss. So they go super low calorie, don’t eat much protein and do a shit-tonne of cardio.

Low protein + low calories + no resistance training = muscle loss.

‘I don’t care about muscle. I’m not a bodybuilder!’

Three reasons you should care!

1. You may not be a bodybuilder, but I’m guessing you don’t want to have a saggy looking body with zero muscle tone whatsoever.

2. If you lose muscle your metabolic rate slows down. So you have to diet on lower calories, making hunger worse, and the diet harder to stick to.

3. Muscle isn’t just for looking pretty. Weight training also strengthens your bones, ligaments and protects against diseases such as osteoporosis.

You train to maintain muscle.

Let your nutrition take care of the fat loss!