success story

chantell before and after

I began training with Chris nearly 2 years ago throughout which he has been a dedicated, supportive coach, giving me the tools to start achieving my goals.
My journey hasn’t been an easy one – I’ve experienced some real health issues in my gut and after lots of medication and tests, my weight seriously increased. I’ve always struggled with my weight too so it was a tough time.
However, Chris kept me motivated and always on track. With his expert dietary advice and training plans, I began to lose weight as I started to get better. Now 100% back on track with my health, I’ve lost 2 stone through a high fat/protein diet, never going below 1500 calories per day and enjoy a mix of strength and HIIT training three times per week.
Before training with Chris, I was afraid of the weights section in the gym and stuck religiously to long cardio sessions which yielded little progress.
Not only do I know how to take myself through a good strength session, I enjoy it so much and have loved watching my body change.
For me, my journey has only just started and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve with Chris over the coming months.