success story

Chris, a father, a husband and a hard working, career driven individual, wanted to transform himself…he has just done that!

Chris’s Story,

“I became a father 18 months ago at the age of 45. Like many people my age I was suffering from a bit of ‘Middle aged spread’ and I wanted to lose the weight and become more mobile so I could play with my daughter without feeling out of breath and tired.

I started to see Chris after a recommendation and he put me on a tailored low carb diet plan. I followed this diet strictly for around 3 months and have eaten a low carb diet ever since.

The diet advice given by Chris, along with regular training sessions has helped me lose 3 stone, whilst I have also gained more muscle mass and significantly more strength and fitness.

I feel better than I have done in years and I continue to see Chris as part of a small group training session 3 times a week.

As I am now down to a healthy weight my future goals are to gain more tone and strength and make sure I stay fit and healthy enough to keep up with my daughter!”