success story

I have been training with Chris Melhuish for about 18 months now.
I first took up boxing to lose weight as I wasn’t happy with myself or my lifestyle. I worked hard and lost some weight but then the weight loss slowed down and I was stuck. This was when I decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer and I found Chris Melhuish.
It was the best thing I could have done. I lost more weight, 7 stones in fact, with Chris’s help and advice.
As well as the training I also followed the great food plans that Chris gave me, specially tailored to suit my own personal goals.
I now look loads better and feel amazing, as well as feeling 100% positive everyday!
Chris is firm but fair. He knows when to push me but not make me go beyond what I can’t do. He is very friendly and makes me feel great about myself.
I am proud to be a client of Chris’s.
I am now not far off my goal but I will carry on training hard and work with Chris for a long time.