It’s just £97 per month per person on the UHF Monthly Membership. That’s less than the cost of 1-1 PT!

No there is no joining fee. 

Our one-month rolling contract (via direct debit) doesn’t have a specific end date, so it’ll ‘roll on’ unless you tell us you want it to stop. We request that no less than 30 DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE (inc bank holidays) be given to cancel the membership. 

Our full Terms and Conditions are here.

No. We cater for beginners up to advanced and anywhere inbetween. In fact, most people who have joined us, haven’t done any training before or not exercised in years.

Ideally 3 times a week if you don’t do any other form of physical exercise. Two or less and you won’t see any satisfying progress. Too many sessions a week and you could over-train, become tired or injured.

We limit the group sessions to 8 people so that everyone receives quality coaching.

The consultation takes about 20 – 30 mins. It’s just a friendly chat to discuss your goals and tell you more about what makes us different from other gyms.

We’ll set up a call at a suitable time for you. 
There is no hard sell and we don’t ask you to sign up to anything on the spot, if you don’t want to.

Yes. Just because you have an injury or limitation, shouldn’t stop you from exercising. We will scale and adapt the exercises for you. Just let us know when you fill out the PAR-Q form and get the all clear to exercise from your doctor/consultant.

You won’t get big and bulky by lifting weights, not unless you want to! Most people don’t train that hard or intense to gain that kind of size of muscles.

Lifting weights builds muscle. Muscle burns calories which in turn leads to fat loss. You will have a more toned and stronger body.