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Fat Loss V’s Weight Loss – What’s the difference?

Ok…let me explain!

For a second imagine that we have 2 identical twins, called Paul & Barry…

Both are currently overweight, both sitting at around 90kg’s!
They both make an informed decision that their both going to get in shape…

Paul decides that in order to lose the weight he’s going to cutting back on his daily calorie intake and perform lots of regular cardio in the gym.

Over the course of the year Paul loses 15kg’s

Barry decides that in order to lose the weight he’s going to train using weights 3x week. He focuses on getting stronger. In addition to this he’s also going to stick to a high protein diet whilst making sure he is in a calorie deficit.

Over the course of the year Barry also loses 15Kg’s

The Result –

Both Paul & Barry lost exactly the same amount of weight over the course of the year.

However Barry looks and feels so much better…

Paul still feels like he has a bit more to lose

How is this so?

Barry gained 4kg of muscle AND dropped 19kg body fat…

However Paul did drop some body fat, 12kg in fact, but also lost 3kg of muscle too…


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