This is what Mel said when she first came onboard and joined UHF.

Prior to coming onboard, Mel felt that she lacked self confidence and felt like she had a mountain to climb.

She felt overwhelmed, lost and unsure of where to begin. Mel knew that something had to change and action had to be taken.

The journey for Mel has been far from straightforward. One that has had its challenges along the way, but through every challenge comes growth – an opportunity to learn and a chance to excel and exceed.

Mel has regained her love for fitness. Her energy and confidence is on a whole new level and I am sure you would agree the changes she has made in terms of body composition are testament to that.

She has now become a HUGE part of UHF and despite’s life’s challenges, she consistently shows up for herself and the rest of her team mates on a weekly basis.

It has been EPIC to see Mel go from strength to strength, both inside and outside the gym. She’s an absolute testament to the focus and effort she’s put in along the way, despite all the challenges she has faced along the way.

It’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege for her to put her faith, belief and trust in me and the rest of the team, to continually get the very best out of her.