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Mindset should be placed in your high list of priorities. The main reason it often isn’t, is because, it takes people a little time to understand how important it is.

You see in order to change your body shape long term, you have to address certain habits that you will have built up throughout your life. There are relationships that you will have built up with food and drink, that are often hard to just switch off from. Some people can just flick a switch and change, whereas other people have to be educated in these areas.

Sadly, a lot of people let themselves get to the stage where health is the reason they’ve decided to change (diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, anxiety, stress, insomnia etc). Another reason is that they’ve let their body get out of control (to the point where they really aren’t happy with how they look).

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that being strict for a few weeks will make all the difference. However, after a few weeks the diet becomes too restrictive and they fall back in to old habits. You simply can’t expect to leave your life the way it is, pull away from it for a while, and then expect to come back to your old routine. Your old routine and old habits got you to where you are today, so it’s essential that they are addressed.

There will be a percentage of you who are reading this article, who are a little way off making the change yet. You will think that your way will work, and it might take a few attempts for you to realise that it won’t. We use two words to describe clients that we work with, fixed and open mindset. The fixed mindset is the type of person who doesn’t see past their own views and opinions. The open mindset is the type of person who is open to new information. They accept that there could be areas that they don’t know a lot about, and they are open to change.

Progress will change your mindset

An area we cover at great length is progress. You see, if you want to improve your self-confidence or develop more motivation, you need to see changes. This means you must commit yourself to your programme for at least the first 5 – 7 weeks. If you start with the intention of going at it half hearted, you won’t see enough results that will impact your level of motivation.

We can tell someone’s level of commitment the minute they start talking. Their tone of voice and the words they use, will tell us if they’re going to do well in their first 5 – 7 weeks.

At this point, please take a moment to read the following four points. If you can address each one of these, you have the very best chance of doing well. These are key reasons why people struggle to achieve results, especially within the first 5 – 7 weeks (this is the crucial time).

1. The emotional or physical pain that people are experiencing from being overweight and out of shape, just isn’t enough for them do anything about it. What we mean by this, is that most people haven’t reached a point where being out of shape or unhealthy is dramatically affecting their life.

2. The reward isn’t enough for you. By this we mean that you haven’t connected the link between being in great shape and the health benefits that it brings. If you start a training programme just because you think you need to, you’ll soon see yourself falling off the wagon. The reward for some people may be winning an event, or simply getting to a shape that they’ve never been before. If you have no clear goal to achieve, you’ll never receive a reward.

3. There’s no space in your life for change. Most people say they want to get started, but there’s no time for them to add in the work that’s needed to change. Part of change is accommodating it, and moving things out of the way to make space. One trick is to write down everything you do every day. You then place each thing in priority order. You will always focus on the things that matter to you. If you place getting in shape lower down, you will never achieve it.

4. The people you spend most of your time with are in the same shape as you, this puts you in a comfort zone. You need to challenge yourself by spending time with more people who are in shape. Success breeds success is a great saying. If you surround yourself with people who are doing well at something, it rubs off on you. Take this example, we have a female client who starts training. She starts to drop body fat and her body shape quickly starts to change. After a couple of months her husband calls and wants to get started. When they were both out of shape, they got settled into their comfort zone. Now she’s in shape, he wanted a slice of the action. Being in shape is infectious!

Hopefully you can now see how important mindset is when it comes to getting in shape. First you decide that you want to change, then acknowledge why you want to change. You then look at all the factors in your life, that could slow down your chances of being successful. Before you start any journey, you need to be clear that it’s something you want to achieve. You need to try and visualise the many benefits, that being in shape and being healthier can bring to your life.


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