success story

pippa before and after

“My weight gradually crept up over the past few years working a stressful job and not finding time to exercise didn’t help. I also had a hand operation which meant I was unable to go to the gym for over 12 months and found it hard to get back into the routine.

I saw a photo of myself on holiday at the end of April for my boyfriends 30th, and just thought enough was enough I needed to do something. I felt and looked uncomfortable in everything I wore and just felt determined not to feel like that for when I turned 30 next year.

I’ve always viewed exercise as a chore, something I used to do out of necessity. Never really got any enjoyment from the gym and would regularly get bored and leave. I’ve not always been in the best health with multiple pre existing health conditions. Working in a stressful job definitely hasn’t helped those things in the past.

Exercise was the main thing I changed, diet has played a big part too. But my diet wasn’t that bad, I just needed to cut out the junk food and unhealthy snacks out my diet. I found it also beneficial to limit the amount of carbs I ate, it’s so easy to over eat on pasta and rice. Plus they would always make me feel and look really bloated. 

I noticed a big difference once I started exercising and tweaking my diet.

I feel massively different from when I started in May.

My whole body shape has changed, when I compare photos. I feel so much happier with my self and more confident with what I’m doing. My view on exercise and nutrition has totally changed. Exercise I couldn’t really stand the thought of doing or motivating myself to go to the gym. That’s been the biggest surprise, I actually now love going to the gym and will happily go on my own no motivation required.”

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