Treatment room

MYoKNEADS Sports Massage and Therapies

The services we offer are not just for people who are active in sports and fitness, but for all walks of life.

If you suffer with tight muscles, bad backs, restricted movement or general aches and pains. We may be able to help. 

Here at MYoKNEADS we work with an array of Teams, Clubs Clients, Athletes and Events. These range from your local parkrunner through to Pro Boxers.

When it comes to Sports Clubs we mainly deal with Ice Hockey Clubs Such as the Nottingham Lions who play 2nd tier and boxing clubs based around the Derby area. We are willing and able to work with other clubs, just drop us a message.

Our lead Therapist Ryan will be out in Finland from the 2nd January at the International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence working with Team GBUW. So when booking in with MYoKNEADS you know you will be looked after.

Please like our Facebook page to keep uptodate with our latest products and services. You will also find our prices and terms on here as well.