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Now, is the time you should be thinking of shedding those extra lbs or tone up for the summer months to come. Maybe you would like to re-energise your workouts?

Whatever you want to achieve, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym or exercising.

At Ultimate Health and Fitness we take a different approach. Just 3 x 45 minute workouts a week, that will fit into any busy lifestyle.

What's Included In The Membership

3 sessions per week, with a choice of time slots daily: Monday to Saturday

Online membership and booking system

A structured diet programme to follow

A structured training programme (which we update monthly)

Weekly emails and check ins

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Expert coaching from the UHF coaching team (groups are limited to a maximum of 6 people)

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client Testimonials

danielle's transformation


 Danielle, a hard working mother of 2, has quite literally blown us away with her incredible transformation.  

Danielle constantly strived to better herself, by her exercise execution, her activity level and diet.  

Danielle soon became a big motivator to others within the group sessions … just by the way she lifted.  

Danielle managed her nutrition in a way that allowed her to continue to enjoy the sociable things that she liked to do with her family and friends.  

All in all, Danielle’s achievement is nothing short of incredible, as I am sure you will all agree!

mark before and after


Mark, 49, had trained off and on over the years. He has a full time career and enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Andrea.  

One of Mark’s greatest qualities was his desire to better himself, week in, week out. He was unbelievably compliant and never allowed himself to become complacent.  

Mark took on board all the tools that were handed to him, but more importantly he utilized them, to their full potential.  

Mark soon established his training routine, training 3 times a week, including early mornings before work.  

Mark managed his nutrition in a way that allowed him to still enjoy his social life.

All in all, Mark’s achievement is nothing short of incredible, as I am sure you will all agree!  

ginette's transformation


Dedicated, focused, driven and truly inspirational. Ginette, a mother of one, who also holds down a full time career, came to UHF just over 14 weeks ago.  

She expressed how unhappy she was with the way she looked and how she felt.  

Ginette trained 3 x a week with 90% of her program dedicated to lifting weights. Her nutritional habits and routines were assessed. We took our time to educate her on the fundamentals of nutrition and we showed her how to implement them into her busy lifestyle.  

Fast forward 14 weeks, and as you can see the physical change is incredible. She portrays a much happier, healthier and fitter version of herself, and as I am sure, Ginette will agree, it has had a huge positive impact within all aspects of her life.