Victoria before and after

Client Progress Update: Wk8

Victoria is currently 8 weeks in to her ‘90Day Body Confidence Upgrade’ ….

& she’s absolutely thriving right now!

Here’s a little update from the legend herself 👇

“I’ve worked with Chris now since I started at UHF in 2017, after a knee and hip operation.

After moving out of the area in 2019, we’ve remained friends and after lockdown 3.0, I really felt I needed some support with jolting my exercise in the right direction- everything I was trying to do, wasn’t meeting my goals…

Since then, Chris has helped me with a tailored programme to “come back better” and I really feel so pleased just at week 8, how I’ve progessed.

I’m lifting heavy weights, with great coaching support always at hand, even if I am remote – and this is supported by working with Chris for years to build my solid foundation on lifting properly.

I’ve got my diet in check and I still enjoy flexibility on a weekend – this to me is a biggie as I see my weekends as “my time” to reward the hard work I do all week.

Delighted with the dedicated support Chris has offered me every step of the way. Always getting back to my messages very quickly.

And this progress in 8 weeks also includes a foot tendon issue that set me back mid-way!

Delighted and looking forward to seeing the next four weeks progress”