success story

victoria before and after

***Success Story***

“Before starting UHF I had a knee operation which was a bone graft and also 2 months non-weight bearing. I lost a lot of muscle mass and also through that process lost a lot of fitness and gained lbs. I also though felt I really needed someone to give me the heightened technique to help me and my knee recover to its full capacity.

Since joining UHF Chris has been outstanding with understanding my complicated knee history and adapting my workouts if required, but also being part of group sessions has always been a great push. 
I always loved classes as you bounce off people’s energy and willingness to push on- if they are and your not! 

I feel it’s really helped with keeping me in check with routine and getting to those weekly workouts and ensuring I keep pushing for my goals, I almost know for sure if I was doing this alone I’d let my busy career and life stop me pursuing those fitness and health goals.

I’m so pleased to see today the strongest version of me I’ve ever been over the last 10 years and I want to keep being stronger and fitter into 2019!”

Incredible! Well Done Victoria 🙂

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