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Keep hearing all the instafit, fitspos, personal trainers, nutrition folk telling you to “be in a calorie deficit”….
Wondering W.T.F one is right?…
Let me explain…
A calorie is a unit of energy. They come from food and drink sources and are what the body uses for fuel (like a car uses petrol).
In order to fuel our bodies, we consume food and drink to give us energy. This energy is then used by the body to enable our organs to function, our brain to work and our body to move.🧠💃
If we consume more energy (calories) than our body requires, the spare energy is stored as body fat and saved until we need it.
If we continue to over consume energy (food/drink), we continue to store it on our body as fat. 😱
Soooo… in order to get rid of the excess stored body fat we need to make sure we consume less calories than the body needs so we can start using our body fat as energy instead…. creating
‘A Calorie Deficit’ ..simples!
Calorie Deficit = lose body fat ☑️
Even if you are eating ‘super healthy’… eat more calories than your body needs… then they are getting stored as body fat! 🤯🆗💯
Find a way to create a calorie deficit… start losing weight 👌

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