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Weight Fluctuations ⚖️

So our bodies are mainly composed of water and not necessarily composed of fat…

Therefore, most of the weight changes we see on a day to day basis are changes due to water and not fat…

So what causes the frequent changes in our scale weight…


1. It could be due to a recent increase in cardio activity. Cardio training or activity will increase blood volume. This is a big one and some people can often see increases of up to 5lbs on the scale.

2. Maybe you have recently started weight training….we all know how sore your muscles get when you start out…

Any soreness, injury or bruising generally causes inflammation that then creates localized water retention..

3. It could be that you have started eating more carbs after a period of not having had many carbs at all.

Your liver & muscles will be forced to increase glycogen stores.

Each 1g of glycogen (carbs) is structurally packaged with 3g water so you end up with more water weight…
4. It maybe that you are just eating more dietary fibre which effects digestive waste..

5. The ladies will relate to this one …

The Menstrual cycle / birth control can lead to around about 1/3 of women to have noticeable fluctuations in weight during the week before menstruation / week of menstruation.⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If you are tracking your food accurately and are really eating at a caloric deficit, there is no way NOT to be losing fat. The fat loss is just hidden on the scale by the myriad causes of fluctuations in water & digestive waste.⁣


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