You don’t have to have a perfect day every day to make your results happen…

Most people aren’t going to live that way and if that’s what you’re motivating yourself towards, you’re probably missing the point.

It’s good to get amazing habits built up, but you’re not going to get them right away and dealing with failure is key.

The studies tell us over 90% fail their diet but that’s not because diets don’t work; it’s because expectations tend to be off.

You don’t need to be infallible to make your diet work – you need to be willing to deal with problems and keep going.

Taking a weekly view, rather than daily, view of your own diet and progress is the key. A single poor day in a good week of dieting is a small factor and the best choice is to ignore it.

Resetting your perspective on diet is an easy way to improve your adherence and implement better strategies. You’re not perfect and you’re probably going to stumble on the way but so does everybody, and eliminating the guilt around this kind of eating is great for better long-term habits.

The long-term changes in your PERSPECTIVE are more important than you may realise. Putting them to work for you, rather than against you, is the fastest way to change your relationship with food and dieting!

Your weeks count more than your days, when you’re looking at long-term change and the best kind of habits. Put the time and thought into your weeks, rather than the minutiae.