Meet Deadlift King Zak 

“First time in years I’ve felt comfortable having a top tucked in mate and it’s tight on the arms too”

When Zak initially reached out, he was busy working hard to create a better life for himself & his family…

….only to neglect his most valuable asset, himself!

For many years, shift work around the clock had become a HUGE challenge that consequently bottomed out his energy and his ability to focus on training consistently – I know this was incredibly frustrating.

Zak also expressed how his mental health had taken a HUGE hit as a result – This was a big step forward for himself.

We knew Zak had a relentless work ethic, his ability to work hard wasn’t going to be a problem,


this wasn’t about going ‘All-in’ 100% of the time – We new there were going to be times that we would need to push and other times where we would need to pull back. This wasn’t about going balls to the wall every time we trained – It was an integral part of the coaching process to meet Zak where he was at on that given day.

Having Balance, something that comes as a ‘Top Value’ inside UHF was also HUGE for Zak – Being able spend more time his two daughters & his wife Sam and becoming fully engaged with those that matter the most was absolutely key.

It’s sensational to see Zak now operating and performing on a whole new level across Body, Mind & Balance.

From me, a MASSIVE congratulations on the new job buddy, we know this is HUGE for you – This is purely down to you, this is a testament to yourself and the work you have put in.

We know our energy & confidence have skyrocketed over the past couple of months!

It’s EPIC to see you winning the game and thriving – Unstoppable Machine 

Game on!